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Adaptive Bitrate in Avalanche – Configuration & Stats

Starting with version 4.10, Spirent Avalanche officially supports Apple HLS (AHLS) as a server for Adaptive Bitrate (we supported the technology in a client-only fashion before then). That means you can emulate Apple HLS servers with Avalanche, generating random content. You … Continue reading

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Internet in 2015

The (presumably) marketing department of Cisco just released an amazing image showing what Internet will be like in 2015. We know that it’s growing almost as an exponential rate as more and more devices get connected, each using more and more apps. … Continue reading

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Avalanche 3.80 Features

(Cross-posted from Spirent Networks Blog) On Friday November 4th, the latest General Availability build of Avalanche (and Spirent Test Center) has been released. I won’t cover STC, but for Avalanche, it’s a pretty big release. Major features  Action List Generator: … Continue reading

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Adaptive Bitrate in Avalanche

Since the release of 3.70, Avalanche supports Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), also known as Adaptive Streaming (AS). We currently support the Microsoft, Apple and Adobe technology variants, for the On Demand (VoD) mode only (Live mode is coming in a future … Continue reading

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Skype to adopt Google’s VP8

A few month ago, I posted about the pros and cons of WebM, especially since it’s competing against a well-adopted technology, MPEG. The main problem I noted about WebM was the uncertainty of whether or not you could run into patent problems … Continue reading

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Netflix publishes US-based ISP streaming performance

Netflix is quickly becoming the black sheep of North American Internet Service Providers. According to some reports, Netflix accounts for more than 20% of North America’s peak Internet traffic. Thge service competes with ISP’s VoD offering while eating their bandwidth … Continue reading

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H.264 vs WebM

TechCrunch has a nice interview with the President of Encoding.com where they summarize the upcoming war on video formats. One one side you’ve got H.264 which, according to Encoding.com, represents more than 90% of the videos they serve. On the … Continue reading

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