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Cipher Suite Names

Probably because everything needs to be complicated in cryptography, OpenSSL (and compatible APIs and products) have two sets of Cipher Suite names : Long-Name Format and Short-Name Format. Another way to look at it is that long form names are … Continue reading

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Avalanche 4.44 released

A couple of weeks ago, version 4.44 of Avalanche was released. It’s not a major (4.x) release, but some new features made it (on top of bug fixes). Here they are: TCP Selective ACK (SACK) is now a fully supported … Continue reading

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Testing Server Name Indication (SNI) In The Lab

People have been saying that Internet will run out of IPv4 address space for a long time now, and somehow hosting companies always managed to cope. One of the “coping mechanisms” consists of regrouping several websites behind one IP address … Continue reading

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How Facebook handled the Tunisian revolution

Many media outlets reported how the Tunisians used Internet and various popular (social) websites to communicate. Facebook, with it’s 500+ millions users world-wide was, of course, the first of them. But it didn’t go as smoothly as we could think. … Continue reading

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