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Microsoft Proposes HTTP 2.0

Now is a great time for the web. HTML5 is coming (latest draft was released on 20th March 2012), LTE is coming or already working, Fiber is coming to every home within 10 years and tablets and phones can finally … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Developers’ Preview

Microsoft released a Windows 8 Developers’ Preview release. Anyone can get it, no registration is required. This is a more stable release than the other builds that leaked on the P2P networks. Both 32 and 64 bits versions are available.

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A Sad Story: Microsoft on Office 365 Outage

ZDNet has posted a summary of Microsoft’s response after last week’s outage of their cloud-based Office 365 and Dynamics Online services. Apparently the later was due to a configuration error that was pushed to all the data-centers, while the former … Continue reading

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Adaptive Bitrate in Avalanche

Since the release of 3.70, Avalanche supports Adaptive Bitrate (ABR), also known as Adaptive Streaming (AS). We currently support the Microsoft, Apple and Adobe technology variants, for the On Demand (VoD) mode only (Live mode is coming in a future … Continue reading

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Skype to adopt Google’s VP8

A few month ago, I posted about the pros and cons of WebM, especially since it’s competing against a well-adopted technology, MPEG. The main problem I noted about WebM was the uncertainty of¬†whether¬†or not you could run into patent problems … Continue reading

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Can you keep the same PC for 20 years? Yep.

Well, no, you probably can’t because I challenge anyone to run a modern OS in graphic mode with a 20 years old hardware. Nevertheless, if that was possible, would it be possible to have a MS-DOS 5 OS and upgrade … Continue reading

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