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Avalanche Now Supports ETag and If-None-Match

With the release of version 4.37 this week, Avalanche now supports the ETag and If-None-Match concept. This will be highly useful for Content Delivery Network (CDN) testing as well as caching devices implementing this concept. Let’s start with a little … Continue reading

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Using the Action List To Create More Dynamic Tests

One of the key feature of Avalanche is the “Simulated User” concept, coupled with Action Lists. The Action Lists represent exactly that: a list of actions that each users assigned to it will execute. You can mix protocols, so it’s … Continue reading

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MATCH(NOT) Now 100% More Flexible

Avalanche is really good at testing firewalls, server-load balancers, UTMs and what-have-you. But it’s often overlooked how good it is to do “one-arm testing”, where only the clients are simulated. This is especially true for Web Application testing, because believe you … Continue reading

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No MOS in Avalanche Adaptive Bitrate – why?

Spirent has always been on the cutting-edge of video and audio testing. When the hot technology was Microsoft’s MMS, we added that. When RTSP rose, we implemented it with a myriad of player emulation (Microsoft, Apple, Real, BitBand …). When … Continue reading

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Adaptive Bitrate in Avalanche – Configuration & Stats

Starting with version 4.10, Spirent Avalanche officially supports Apple HLS (AHLS) as a server for Adaptive Bitrate (we supported the technology in a client-only fashion before then). That means you can emulate Apple HLS servers with Avalanche, generating random content. You … Continue reading

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Microsoft Proposes HTTP 2.0

Now is a great time for the web. HTML5 is coming (latest draft was released on 20th March 2012), LTE is coming or already working, Fiber is coming to every home within 10 years and tablets and phones can finally … Continue reading

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Does Avalanche support Progressive Download?

The question in the title is something I hear a lot. But before answering, what is “progressive download”, anyway? Well, Wikipedia has a very good summary: Progressive download is a term used to describe the transfer of digital media files from … Continue reading

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