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Realistic Latency Measurement in the Application Layers

We are often asked how to measure the one-way latency with Avalanche, or “why don’t I see a one-way latency metric in my results.” This entry will explain why we don’t measure the one-way latency, and how you can measure … Continue reading

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Meet Spirent at CPX 2012

This year again Spirent will be present at the Check Point Experience (CPX), both in Orlando (April 17th-18th) and Berlin (May 30th-31st). We will be in the Performance panel to demonstrate, well, the performance of the 61000 (remember we did this last … Continue reading

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650,000 CPS on a Firewall… say what?

On October 26th in Paris, Spirent joined Check Point at the introduction event of their high-end firewall, the 61000 appliance. It’s a blade-based chassis. Adding more blades gives you more performance because you have more cores, memory and so on. … Continue reading

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RSA Attack – More details

Sopho’s “Naked Security” blog posted a summary of the recent attack that targeted RSA. We learned that the hackers used a typical vector – 0-day vulnerability – coupled to some social engineering (people would open a file containing an exploit … Continue reading

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Avalanche and the RFC 3511

A layer 4-7 blog is not complete until you talk about RFC 3511. Sounds like a good second post to me. Some background first. The RFC 3511’s full name is “Benchmarking Methodology for Firewall Performance”. It was submitted in April 2003 … Continue reading

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