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restic is probably the best backup solution for nerds

Backup (and Backup┬áManagement) is a Big Deal and should not be taken lightly. There are many paid-for solution of various qualities. There are also various backup strategies. I won’t cover those but I’ll just say that you should have both … Continue reading

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A (not so) Sad Story: Activision’s Elite Service

Unless you spent the last couple of weeks in a cave, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that a new high-profile game was releasedon Nov. 8th: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I do like my video games but the … Continue reading

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VMWare announces Cloud Foundry

VMWare announced today their Cloud Foundry platform (PaaS). It allows you to push code from your Ruby on Rails, Grail, Java, etc… IDE (no ASP.NET support yet) and have it hosted on The Cloud (c) ™ (R). This is nothing … Continue reading

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Did you do your backup?

Yesterday was World Backup Day. People around the world decided to create this website to remind people how important backing up your data is. Most people don’t know that a HDD – or even SSD – can fail, and ignore … Continue reading

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