What is “Save Projects” in Avalanche 3.90?

If you upgraded your Avalanche version to 3.90, you might have noticed that when you start a test, you will now see a “Save Projects” window before the test actually start, as shown here:

Is this a new feature? No, it isn’t. In the past, this was done silently. One of our software engineers explained this in better words than I ever could, so I’ll just quote her:

“In previous versions saving the test before run was a silent action that meat users saw a delay between clicking the start button and “preparing test” progress dialog – this delay was caused by saving test configuration. We have received customer feedback about that delay between click start button and appearing test preparation progress bar without any visual indication; so we have added “saving project” progress bar.”

So there’s nothing new here, just some more details about what’s going on behind the scenes – which is a Good Thing, I think. Your tests will not take longer to start than before. Keep in mind though, that since we are writing configuration files, the time it takes to perform that action is directly impacted by how healthy the PC is. If you’ve got an old hard disk drive with lots of fragmentation, it will take longer than with a SSD on a modern OS.


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I'm the EMEA Technical Lead for Application & Security at Spirent. I specialize in layer 4-7 technologies, Cloud, Programming and CyberSecurity.
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