A Sad Story: eBay

In this series of entry I talk about companies that experience network overload disrupting their services. Usually, the impacted companies are small- to medium-sized because these companies tend not to test or scale their network infrastructure.

But today’s story is about a huge company: eBay. This company has a market cap of almost $41Bn USD. A 31% quaterly growth. It’s the 21st most visited website in the world (7th in the US) according to Alexa.com. They store about 8.5 Petabytes of user data across two datacenters.

Yet, on December 11th, the website was struggling due to a sale of HP Touchpad. This sale was a huge discount ($99 and $149 for each version ofthe device), and available only on eBay us through Paypal payments. It so happens that Paypal itself was struggling because of this.

If you add this story to the recent problems that both Microsoft and Amazon ran into, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that no matter your size, you have to test, all the time, because no one is safe. The overload you’re going to see will scale to the size of your company.


About acastaner

I'm the EMEA Technical Lead for Application & Security at Spirent. I specialize in layer 4-7 technologies, Cloud, Programming and CyberSecurity.
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