Did you do your backup?

Yesterday was World Backup Day. People around the world decided to create this website to remind people how important backing up your data is. Most people don’t know that a HDD – or even SSD – can fail, and ignore the fact that their house or flat can simply burn down or be robbed.

What I use personally is a Raid-1 Synology DS207+ with nighly synchronization to store the data that is very important to me – pictures, music and documents. I also have a Synology DS411j which I plan to upgrade to a Raid-5 configuration with 4x 2 Tb HDDs.

And for the really important stuff I simply use a Dropbox account. Saving in the cloud is still the safest bet, although some people will have privacy concerns. So what I would recommend is renting a low-priced server in a data center and setup a rsync there.

Whatever the solution you choose, simply make sure that you do have a backup plan before you need it.


About acastaner

I'm the EMEA Technical Lead for Application & Security at Spirent. I specialize in layer 4-7 technologies, Cloud, Programming and CyberSecurity.
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