Avalanche 3.60 features

The new version of Avalanche (3.60) was posted late December 2010. Here’s a quick list of the new features that came along. I’ll make some posts in the future to explore in a bit more details some of these features.

  • Avalanche Virtual is now merged in the GA releases. Remember that you need to download the VMWare fileset from the Support website.
  • SAPEE Quickflow is a new part of the GUI where you can browse dozens (and, in the future, thousands) of clean PCAPs, select those you want to use, and off you go. This should help those who need to design protocol mixes quickly. People with a SAPEE license get this new feature at no extra charge.
  • SMTP Authentication allows users to, well, authenticate with a SMTP server. This is actually part of the ESMTP (Enhanced SMTP) support that allows encryption and extends the number of supported SMTP commands.
  • NTLM v1/v2 Authentication support in HTTPS.
  • CIFS Block Size can now be manually configured from 0 to 64k byte (in the past this was fixed and hard-coded).
  • DNS over TCP. In the past, Avalanche would switch to TCP only if the request/response exceeded 512 bytes (as it should), but the default protocol was UDP. Users can now explicitly request the use of TCP no matter the length of the request/response.
  • Avalanche Commander now officially support Windows 7 as well as IPv6 management port. For Windows 7 you still need to run the program as Administrator as some more internal tinkering is needed.

Some alpha features were also added. Feel free to evaluate them (they are not tied to any license option as they are alpha) and send us feedback:

  • DNSSEC, for those deploying this protocol. DNS poisoning is an old trickbut lately it became very real.
  • Adaptive Streaming. If you followed any recent ISP or CDN Provider seminar, you’ll know that video streaming is eating Internet’s bandwidth alive – and it’s not getting satiated any time soon. Adaptive Streaming allows to tune that a little bit. This version of the code supports only Microsoft Smooth in VoD mode (not Live). We plan to support every major provider (Apple, Adobe, Microsoft and more) in the future.
  • IPSEC Supernet allows users to create hundreds or thousands of Site-to-Site IPSEC tunnels. The GUI didn’t easily allow that in the past, this feature is there to fix this.

About acastaner

I'm the EMEA Technical Lead for Application & Security at Spirent. I specialize in layer 4-7 technologies, Cloud, Programming and CyberSecurity.
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